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As the queer, Latino son of a formerly-undocumented mom from Mexico and a Jewish, liberal dad from New York, Huey Rey Fischer has always held that progressive fights are personal. He has served as both a policy analyst and a legislative aide focusing on environmental protection, constituent services, and legislative research for progressive Democrats –including Reps. Eddie Rodriguez (Austin) and Trey Martinez Fischer (San Antonio; no relation), and Sen. Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa (McAllen). Huey has worked on over a dozen local and regional campaigns around the state from school board races to U.S. Senate races.

Originally from the Texas coast, Huey graduated from the University of Texas at Austin dual-majoring in Government and Latin American Studies. He is the youngest member of the Texas Democratic Party Executive Committee, currently serving in his second term. Huey also serves on the City of Austin Impact Fee Advisory Committee. He recently served as Public Relations Director for the Austin Young Democrats and previously served as President of the University Democrats. True to his community, Huey is a bike-riding, Selena-listening, vegetarian Austinite who occasionally tweets things (@hueyfischer).


An Agenda that Fights for Your Family

I love Austin because we value diversity. We may be weird, but we are an inclusive community that cares about social justice and equal rights. Greg Abbott and Republican extremists are trying to take that away from us.

The issues we’ll be debating in this race are personal:

– I have over $40,000 in student loan debt in spite of working throughout college. Republicans are responsible for the mismanagement of our public universities.
– I am the LGBTQ son of a formerly undocumented mom from Mexico and a Jewish, liberal dad from Brooklyn. Republicans have advanced a hateful agenda against my family and thousands of other Texas’ families that they intend to continue in 2016.
– I have personally relied on Planned Parenthood for health care services when I did not have health insurance. Republicans have been maliciously stripping away basic access to contraceptives, health screenings, and abortion care.

As Democrats, we need to stop playing defense. It is time to push back with a positive and progressive agenda that benefits all Texas families. I bring the experience, vision, and energy to make our government work for everyday people, not for special interest groups and their lobbyists. My experience as a community organizer and legislative staffer has prepared me with the good policy priorities to challenge the bad politics of the Republicans. 

I am the progressive choice on the Democratic ballot, and I intend to earn your trust and support. I hope I can count on your vote.

  • Stronger Public Schools

    - Tackle college tuition and the student debt crisis
    - Adopt full-day pre-K
    - Pass comprehensive school finance reform
  • Environmental Protections

    - Address illegal dumping in our Colorado River
    - Protect our water supply for the next generation
    - Increase Texas' investment in wind and solar energy
  • Social Equality

    - Boost access to contraceptives and abortion care
    - Combat suicide & homelessness rates among LGBTQ youth
    - End discriminatory policing & decriminalize marijuana
  • Economic Justice

    - Expand Medicaid and restore benefits for seniors
    - Secure $15 minimum wage and equal pay for equal work
    - End exploitation of workers and adopt paid family leave
  • Smarter Government

    - End regressive tax policies that only benefit the rich
    - Invest in rail and improve highway infrastructure
    - Keep guns out of schools and enhance background checks

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This is a grassroots campaign fueled by Austinites ready for a more progressive future for Texas. I am committed to earning your support. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments or ideas.

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