Energy and Environment Law Internship Program of Texas


Two months before the 2015 Texas Legislative session, the Energy & Environment Law Internship Program of Texas (EELIPT) fell into my lap as a neglected project that needed management. The program was started by a state representative who lost his re-election and did not want to see it fade away. EELIPT provides law students the paid opportunity to work on state policy related to the energy resources and environmental protection.

When I assumed responsibility of EELIPT, the account balance was empty. In two months, I raised nearly $40,000 to fund the program. I recruited a new class of interns by building a website, reaching out to Texas law schools, and developing a comprehensive contact list of professors around the state. I coordinated with a bipartisan group of legislators to “house” the interns. I then scheduled monthly breakfasts with industry leaders for the interns to gain further insight into their field.

This is the logo I quickly designed for the program.