ELECTION DAY: Vote March 1, 2016

Election Day us upon us! Go through the Voting Checklist below and be sure you have a plan to make your voice heard as we select a State Representative from House District 49. Take your Texas Driver’s License or U.S. Passport to any polling place in Travis County, ask for the Democratic Primary ballot, and vote for Huey Rey Fischer today!



Voting Checklist

1) Have a plan – when and where are you voting? How are you getting there? Do you need to arrange for a ride or for childcare? Answering these questions in advance will make for a smooth voting experience.

2) Take your Voter ID – voter ID laws are still in effect, make sure you can vote.

3) Take a friend, family member, or neighbor – do your part to get out the vote!

4) Vote at any polling location in Travis County from 7 am to 7 pm